Competition News

2nd Competition 2023-24 – Peace

6 November 2023|0 Comments

The set subject, for both prints and projected digital images (PDIs), was “Peace”. This was further described in the Programme – “we are looking for images that depict ‘Peace’.  Examples could include [...]

Location Challenge

23 October 2023|0 Comments

This was the first challenge of the season. The location was selected this time by Chris Warby – the winner of last season’s final challenge.  His chosen location was “Billington Road”, Leighton [...]

1st Competition 2023-24 – Open 1

9 October 2023|0 Comments

As usual, entries displayed a wide variety of subjects, approaches, and styles – including landscapes, seascapes, travel, architecture, candid/street, portraits, wildlife (insects, animals, and birds), abstract, colour, and monochrome, and more. Our [...]

Howard Morris Trophy 2023

29 July 2023|0 Comments

This is our biennial competition for monochrome prints originally instigated and sponsored by Howard Morris, one of our now late members whose great love was black and white prints.  He also donated the trophy. [...]

Portfolio Competition

24 April 2023|0 Comments

This is an open subject competition, in colour or monochrome.  But the images must show some link – such as a common colour, subject or shape – identifiable by the judge. Entries [...]

5th Competition 2022-23 – Open 3

15 March 2023|0 Comments

This was an “open” competition for both prints and digital images. As usual, entries covered an intriguing variety of subjects, approaches, and styles – including landscapes, seascapes, sunsets, silhouettes, portraits, travel, architecture, [...]

Location Challenge #5

27 February 2023|0 Comments

The challenge was set this time by Tim Gould – the winner of our last challenge back in October.  His chosen location was the Grand Union Canal. This location and the [...]

3rd Competition 2022-23 – Open 2

9 December 2022|0 Comments

As usual, the entries covered a wide variety of subjects, approaches, and styles – including landscapes, seascapes, close ups, portraits, travel, architecture, candid/street, wildlife, still life, flowers, derelict boats, abstract, colour, monochrome, [...]

CACC Rosebowl Competition 2022-23

28 November 2022|0 Comments

The Rosebowl is the CACC’s premier inter-club competition.  It is a Projected Digital Images competition and consists of a series of three “rounds”, run from October to February, in which random groups of three [...]

Location Challenge #4

17 October 2022|0 Comments

The brief stipulated that this was “an architectural challenge.  Images must include a building or buildings (or a part or parts thereof) within the confines of the location as the main subject.” [...]

1st Competition 2022-23 – Open 1

1 October 2022|0 Comments

Accordingly, this was an “open” competition for both prints and digital images. And with the normal separate sections for both advanced photographers (Section One) and beginners and improvers (Section Two). As usual, [...]

Guest Speakers

Another Year!

29 November 2023|0 Comments

Andy is a renowned natural history photographer who has photographed virtually every species of mammal, insect, and bird in the UK. Andy’s life-long interest in natural history eventually developed into a [...]

AI Photography

30 October 2023|0 Comments

On Wednesday 25 October he unravelled some of the mysteries of AI in photography for his fellow members. AI is a complicated subject and Paul set out to explain to us [...]

The Little Print Show

16 October 2023|0 Comments

His mission was to offer us an alternative to “mainstream camera club” activity and explain his artistic approach to photography. Jonathan took his first photograph in 2011 and joined a Camera [...]

Woodland Ways by Paul Mitchell

29 July 2023|0 Comments

Paul is an award-winning professional landscape photographer and specialist book designer.  His talk centred on his photographic speciality – woodland photography. Paul has been interested in photography since his school days.  [...]

Other News & Announcements

Welcome Back

1 October 2022|0 Comments

Last Wednesday (7 September), after a brief introduction from new Chairman Tim Crabb, we kicked off the season with the traditional informal welcome back show of “what we did on our holidays” [...]

Photographic Exhibition

20 June 2022|0 Comments

Back in February, many club members visited All Saints church to take pictures in and around the church. This was our second “location challenge” and the brief for the challenge was again [...]