Leighton Buzzard Photographic Club Data Protection Policy

Leighton Buzzard Photographic Club, hereafter referred to as LBPC or The Club is established with the objectives set out in its constitution.

The personal information referred to in this policy may include names, addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers, details and records of competitions and events and such other information as is necessary for the effective running of the Club.

Any person wishing to verify the information held by the LBPC may apply to the secretary, lbpcsec@btinternet.com

LBPC collects and holds personal information for specific purposes.

A) The Club Register – This document holds contact details of all LBPC members including lapsed members (names only). This document is held by:

  • The Club secretary.
  • The Club treasurer.
  • The Club vice treasurer.
  • The Club projectionist.

This document is password protected and its information is only available to those listed above.

This document is used solely to facilitate administrative needs within The Club and is updated throughout the season as necessary. All previous copies are held only while they are needed (or a maximum of two years) and then destroyed.

B) Competition working documents – The running of competitions requires members to supply, in some instances, certain information: name, email address and some image related data.

This data is held by competition organisers for such time as is required for the proper running of the club and then destroyed.

C) The Club Website – This website is available to anyone online and contains;

  1. The Club Handbook –  (within the programme section) with our rules and regulations.
  2. The Club Homepage – (with general information)
  3. The Club Programme – (containing the club calendar), giving details of all competitions and events pertaining to the current and forthcoming seasons including the names of any Speakers and Judges attending events within those seasons.
  4. The Club Gallery – which gives access to The Club archive of members current and past photographs, with the author’s names. Membership of The Club gives implied consent to hold these photographs on The Club website.
  5. The Club news – This gives any information about any upcoming or past events, competitions and talks, including names of Speakers and Judges, winners, runners-up and entrants in any Club or other competition. This information may include members names and photographs. Some of this information will also appear on The Club homepage.
  6. Members – Which gives details of cumulative competition scores for the current season, The Club constitution, a copy of the Data Protection Policy, a copy of the Declaration of Agreement (see `The Protection of Members Data’ below and any other information which members may need to access. Only those with website access permission (i.e. web organizers) will be able to post or delete information from this or any other section.
  7. Competitions – Which gives details of internal and external competitions and current and past results.
  8. Articles/links – Which contains various written articles and links to other photographic affiliations.

 The Protection of Members Data

  1. No member’s information will be given, either directly or indirectly, to any third party without the express consent of the member, including phone numbers or email addresses excepting information available on The Club website, which, by its inclusion on the website, implies consent. The information on the website is restricted to names and photographs and where necessary, email addresses of certain members, but said email addresses are included only with additional consent from the party/parties concerned.
  2. Each member will be asked to sign a declaration (called The Declaration of Agreement) in which they will signify that they have fully read the contents of this Data Protection Policy and that they each fully understand its contents and further that they agree to these terms on each renewal of membership or, in the case of new members on joining The Club.
  3. Any member is entitled to have their data deleted, on request to the company secretary.

This document is available for any member to read at any time and is contained within the member’s section of The Club website.

LBPC Member Acknowledgement of Data Protection Policy - Season 2022-23

On the 25th May 2018 the new “General Data Protection Regulations” came into force.

It is a requirement of the Club to have a Data Protection Policy and for each member to be fully aware of its contents.

Declaration of Agreement

By completing the acknowledgement submission form below, I confirm that I have read and fully understand the contents of the LBPC General Data Protection Policy and the Photograph Use & Copyright Policy for the Club Season 2022-23.

And that I agree to abide by said contents for the duration of my membership of the Leighton Buzzard Photographic Club.

Photograph Use & Copyright Policy

I understand and agree that any photographs that I submit for any competitions or other event, either internal or external may appear on The Club website and in The Club gallery. I hereby grant Leighton Buzzard Photographic Club (LBPC) permission to reproduce any portion of the photo images submitted into LBPC Internal Club Competitions, External Competitions and other club events, in which LBPC as a Club or on behalf of YOU as an individual, to Social Media services and other media publications such as, but not limited to; Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, print media including newspapers, magazines, other periodicals. For the purpose of SELF PROMOTION and PROMOTION OF LEIGHTON BUZZARD PHOTOGRAPHIC CLUB. Furthermore, I grant permission to crop and/or modify the images to fit with the display requirements of the service or publication. I do not grant permission to resale or use the photographs in a manner that would exploit or cause malicious representation toward me or my company and associates. The copyright and ownership of these photographs either print or digital image will remain with me the author and they will not be used in any activity not connected with The Club unless separate permission is obtained from me the author.

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Acknowledgement of LBPC Data Protection Policy & LBPC Photograph Use & Copyright Policy - Season 2022-23

1. By completing and submitting this form You acknowledge that You have read and agreed to the LBPC Data Protection Policy.

2. By completing and submitting this form You acknowledge that You have read and agreed to the LBPC Photograph Use & Copyright Policy

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