Good club etiquette helps to create and maintain a successful and happy club, one in which its members feel comfortable and creates a sense of belonging.

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Face to Face Meetings

  • Look out for new members and guests; introduce yourself and help them feel comfortable.
  • Chairman to Introduce any new members to the club and the Judges or Speakers at the start of the meeting.
  • Ensure mobile phones are kept on silent during the meeting.
  • Keep background noise to a minimum during any judging, presentation or talk to enable all members to hear clearly.
  • At the end of each meeting please help with the clearing up, remember many hands make light work.

Zoom Meetings

  • Chairman to Introduce new members to the club and any Judges or Speakers at the start of the meeting.
  • To keep background noise to a minimum.
  • Whilst a Judge or Speaker is addressing the club all participants will be muted.
  • A Q&A session will begin at the end of the judging, presentation or talk for members to ask questions, please refrain from asking questions until then unless the Judge/Speaker has requested otherwise.

Remember this is your club, be mindful of others, contribute towards its improvement, pitch in and help where necessary. A club is only as good as its members.