PAGB Silver Medal Winner Roger Gage

Congratulations to Roger Gage for his success in the prestigious East Anglian Audio Visual Competition

Congratulations to Roger Gage for his success in a prestigious Audio Visual competition which has often produced National and International prize winning sequences.

On 16 March 2019 the Essex Audio Visual Group put on the 27th annual East Anglian Audio Visual Competition.  42 AV sequences were entered from across Kent, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and our own Chiltern region.

The winning AV, and awarded a PAGB gold medal, was “Just Dance” by Melanie Chalk from Folkestone Camera Club.  In second spot, and awarded a PAGB Silver Medal, was “The Farm” by our own Roger Gage.  And in third place, and awarded a PAGB Bronze Medal, was “Walking with Grief” by Malcolm Imhoff.

“The Farm” is a fictional story narrated by a farm owner in the run up to the outbreak of World War Two.  It describes events on the farm and in a small country town.  As the harvest is brought in the farm owner expresses his fears for the future of the small community which the farm helps to support.

The monochrome AV was shot with re-enactors at a number of locations, including a Norfolk farm, a Goodwood air display, Blists Hill Museum and Quorn Station.  Together they create an authentic period atmosphere and a story which could very well have been made at the time.

Awarding Roger his PAGB Silver Medal, the judges pointed to poignant parallels with today’s Brexit situation, which is also creating great uncertainty for the farming community.