The sixth – and final – internal club competition of the 2018-19 season took place on Wednesday 20 March.

The set subject, for both prints and projected digital images (PDIs), was “Heritage” to which the programme notes added – “The history, traditions, artefacts, practices etc, of a country, society, culture. Possibly ancient monuments and buildings, museums, pancake day, Morris dancing. There are churches, sites of historical significance, such as Stonehenge. There are burial mounds, standing stones, even heritage vegetables (have a look in the supermarket). In short, anything that deserves the epithet “Heritage”. This is one to stretch the imagination, I’m sure we’ll get some great ideas. Colour or monochrome.”

The competition was judged by Michael Lurie, who is Chairman of Pinner Camera Club and has been a judge for the past three years.

He told us that, having looked at our rather lengthy description of “heritage”, he had looked the word up on the internet and found something rather shorter. Anyway, he was satisfied that he would be able to recognise “heritage” if he saw it. He would be considering the purpose, artistic quality, technical quality, and originality/personality of the images.

Each entry was marked out of twenty.  Marks for this competition count towards the season’s Print Championship (Sections One and Two) and the Digital Image Championship (Sections One and Two) – see the Internal competitions, Rules for entry page on the website for details CLICK HERE.

All scores and rankings for the Club League Competitions can be viewed on the season’s results page SEE HERE

If you didn’t know, you can post your comments at the bottom of the page. Engage with other Members and share your thoughts on the entries and judging. 

Unfortunately, there were no Section Two Prints entries. The top performers were as follows:

Section One Prints (15 entries)

  • 1st – “Southwold Huts” by Clive Rayment – 20 marks

  • 1st – “Waiting for the Tube” by Carol Curd – 20 marks

  • 2nd – “The Crowns” by Tim Gould – 19 marks

  • 2nd – “Spirit of Ecstasy” by Sally Kitchingman – 19 marks

  • 3rd – “Bletchley’s Enigma Heritage” by Tricia Meers – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Cotton Mill” by Stuart Brook – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Callanish Stones” by Carol Curd – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Alan Turing Hut 8 Bletchley Park” by David Marlow – 18 marks

All Print Entries (click image for full size)

Section One PDIs (33 entries)

  • 1st – “A Tilting Landscape” by John Curd – 20 marks

  • 1st – “Aston Martin” by Paul Dimitriou – 20 marks

  • 2nd – “Fares Please!” by Martin Wood – 19 marks

  • 2nd – “Isle of Lewis Calendish Stones” by Barbara Fleming – 19 marks

  • 3rd – “Railway Heritage” by Roger Clarke – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Grandmother’s Mangle” by Graham Meers – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Steam Heritage” by David Bolam – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Ta Prohm Monastry” by Steve Knight – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “British Motoring Heritage – 1936 Morgan Three Wheeler” by Paul Needham – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” by Steve Knight – 18 marks

All PDI S1 Entries (click image for full size)

Section Two PDIs (17 entries)

  • 1st – “The Cellarium, Fountains Abbey” by Keith Weil – 19 marks

  • 2nd – “Lindisfarne Castle” by Keith Weil – 18 marks

  • 2nd – “Ancient Skill, Modern Setting” by Wendy Taylor – 18 marks

  • 2nd – “Lysanda” by Malcolm Guy – 18 marks

  • 2nd – “Lindisfarne Castle” by Val Bolam – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Communication” by Malcolm Guy – 17 marks

  • 3rd – “Gt Linford Manor” by Carol – 17 marks

  • 3rd – “Musical Frogs” by Carol – 17 marks

  • 3rd – “Wrought Iron Heritage” by Mick Brown – 17 marks

All PDI S2 Entries (click image for full size)