The annual LBPC Digital Image Knock Out Contest took place last Wednesday (11 April 2018).

 This is a sophisticated competition in which digital images (anonymously and randomly selected) are projected in pairs and one of each pair is chosen by the assembled club members, to go through to the next round.

 Or, as the Programme put it, “Our usual unfair knockout competition, last man standing is the winner.  About 6 PDIs each, usual club size, should fill the evening nicely.  For newer members, we show the images two at a time and vote by raised arm on which is better, as you can imagine we get through the images pretty quickly.  It’s a fun evening so don’t miss it.”

 Naturally, the whole event is usually utterly chaotic.  And this year was no exception.  Eventually we agreed on who was to count the votes and on some rudimentary rules – with the proviso that “we will make up any further rules we need as we go along”.

 Members entered 155 images this year covering a wide range of photographic genres, subjects and approaches.  These included landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, nightscapes, street/candid, sport, architecture, creative, still life, wildlife, abstract, sunrises, sunsets, colour, monochrome, piers, flowers, planes, birds, insects, and so much more.

 The vote counting was run by chairman Mike Kitchingman and Tim Gould with – as is now traditional – less-than-military precision.  Eventually, however, despite their best efforts, we reached a final pair of images.

 These were:

  • “Pink Breasted Roller” by Terry Godber; and
  • “Almost Perfect” by Carol Curd.

And in a climactic finale to an entertaining evening, by a majority vote, the winning image was determined to be “Pink Breasted Roller” by Terry Godber.


So “congratulations” to Terry.  But that’s all he gets because, sadly, there is no prize for winning this fun competition.