With the commencement of the 2020-2021 Season, the Committee has voted to change the size requirements for ALL images submitted to LBPC internal competitions. Also, members will be required to submit TWO versions of each image, each with a size identifier included at the end of the filename.

The purpose of this change is to accommodate the different file sizes required throughout the season. By having both filesizes available this will help reduce the administrative burden of managing internal and external competitions. We thank you for your support in making this change.

Rule Change: Members will submit TWO images per entry:

  1. Image 1 –  size 1600 pixels Wide X 1200 pixels High
  2. Image 2 –  size 1400 pixels Wide X 1050 pixels High

Each image MUST include the following identifier at the end of the filename:

  1. Image 1 –  size 1600 pixels Wide: Open Square Bracket 16 Close Square Bracket [16]
  2. Image 2 –  size 1400 pixles Wide: Open Square Bracket 14 Close Square Bracket [14]
  • Example 1: MY TITLE by Joe Blogs S2 [16]
  • Example 2: MY TITLE by Joe Blogs S2 [14]

The rule change will take effect immediately, starting with the Open 1 League Competition.

NOTE: Files not named or sized correctly WILL NOT be entered into competition