The fifth internal club competition of the 2018-19 season took place on Wednesday 20th February.

This was an “open” competition for both prints and projected digital images (PDIs).  As usual, the entries displayed a wide variety of subjects, approaches and styles – covering landscape, seascape, cityscape, architecture, portraiture, candid/street, travel, animals, birds, insects, sunsets, monochrome, and more.

The competition was judged by Martin Patten LRPS CPAGB BPE2*, a professional photographer based in Hertfordshire, the past President and current Trophy Secretary of Watford Camera Club, and a previous visitor to LBPC.

He explained at the start that the current thinking of the CACC judges is that an average camera club image should get a score of 16.  This necessarily implies a wider spread of marks than we may have seen in the past.  He undertook, however, to explain why he awarded the scores that he did.

As usual, the entries displayed a wide variety of subjects, approaches and styles – seascapes, landscapes, cityscapes, snowscapes, sunrises, sunsets, architecture, portraits, candid/street, travel, wildlife (animals, birds, insects), flowers, colour, monochrome, and more.

Each entry was marked out of 20.  And, in the event, Martin’s scores ranged from 14 to 20.

Marks for this competition count towards the season’s Print Championship (Sections One and Two) and the Digital Image Championship (Sections One and Two) – see the Internal competitions, Rules for entry page on the website for details CLICK HERE.

All scores and rankings for the Club League Competitions can be viewed on the season’s results page SEE HERE

If you didn’t know, you can post your comments at the bottom of the page. Engage with other Members and share your thoughts on the entries and judging. 

Unfortunately, there were no Section Two Prints entries. The top performers were as follows:

Section One Prints (12 entries)

  • 1st – “Amongst the Dunes” by Carol Curd – 20 marks

  • 1st – “Who Go’s There!” by Mike Kitchingman – 20 marks

  • 2nd – “The Old Coastguard Cottages” by Tim Gould – 19 marks

  • 3rd – “Walking in the Snow” by David Marlow – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “The Imax, Valencia” by Carol Curd – 18 marks

All Print Entries (click image for full size)

Section One PDIs (31 entries)

  • 1st – “Island Fantasy” by Steve Knight – 20 marks

  • 1st – “The Climbers” by Steve Knight – 20 marks

  • 1st – “Sipping!” by Nigel Harding – 20 marks

  • 1st – “Waxwing Lyrical” by John Curd – 20 marks

  • 2nd – “Banded Agrion” by Patrick Linford – 19 marks

  • 2nd – “Nuthatch Portrait” by John Curd – 19 marks

  • 2nd – “Shard Over London Bridge” by Paul Needham – 19 marks

  • 2nd – “Siblings” by Lizzie Tingay – 19 marks

  • 3rd – “Horns Lights Mirrors and Garlands” by Terry Godber – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Jackobite Train to Malaig” by Barbara Fleming – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Amaryllis” by Patrick Linford – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Kibale Chimpanzee” by Lynette Macnicol – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Sofia” by Lizzie Tingay – 18 marks

All PDI S1 Entries (click image for full size)

Section Two PDIs (14 entries)

  • 1st – “St Marys Lighthouse” by Keith Weil – 20 marks

  • 2nd – “Get Out of My Way” by Mick Brown – 19 marks

  • 2nd – “Birjkhalifa Dusk” by Malcolm Guy – 19 marks

  • 3rd – “Streetlife, An Absurd Moment” by Wendy Taylor – 18 marks

All PDI S2 Entries (click image for full size)