RoseBowl 2017-18 Runners-Up Certificate

by Mike Kitchingman

Mike and Sally Kitchingman. Barbara Fleming and Terry Godber, attended the Rosebowl final at Amersham on behalf of the club this Sunday.

We enjoyed an entertaining talk by Andy Hooker F.R.P.S on his photographic experiences from the seventies to the present date, taking us through gaining his FRPS and his mountaineering experiences. This was accompanied by some excellent photography.

We then came to the actual judging by Gerald Kitiyakara. We were unfortunately marked down on two of our consistently high scoring pictures but nevertheless managed to come in joint second with Maidenhead camera club, Oxford CC beating us by only one point for a well-deserved win.

A big thank you to all who took part in our selection process and to Tim and Barbara who worked hard behind the scenes. Another big thank you also to the CACC members who hosted the occasion.

As a club we are improving tremendously every season, so, who knows.  Winners next season?

Full Results

Position Club Score
1 Oxford 150
2 Maidenhead 149
=2 Leighton Buzzard 149
4 Watford 148
=4 Harrow 148
6 Park Street 147
7 Field End 146
8 Amarsham 145
9 Imagez 144
=9 Witney 144
11 New City 142
12 Wycombe 140