Our first internal club competition of the 2023-24 season took place on Wednesday 4 October. This was an “open” competition (with no set subject) for prints and projected digital images.

As usual, entries displayed a wide variety of subjects, approaches, and styles – including landscapes, seascapes, travel, architecture, candid/street, portraits, wildlife (insects, animals, and birds), abstract, colour, and monochrome, and more.

Our judge for the competition was Kathy Chantler ARPS, Chairman of the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs and immediate past Chairman of ImageZ Camera Club in Weston Turville.  Kathy is a long-time friend of the club as an experienced CACC judge, regular speaker, and visitor.

Each entry was marked out of 20.  The marks count towards the season’s Print and Digital Image Championships (Sections One and Two).  The top performers were as follows:

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Section One Prints (17 entries)

  • 1st – “Hear Ye Hear Ye” by David Manning – 20 marks

  • 1st – “In the Medina” by Carol Curd – 20 marks

  • 2nd – “Banded Demoiselle” by Tim Crabb – 19 marks

  • 2nd – “Secret Moment” by Sally Kitchingman – 19 marks

  • 2nd – “Wreck and Ruin” by David Manning – 19 marks

  • 3rd – “City Living” by Tricia Meers – 18 marks

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

All Print Section 1 Entries (click image for full size)

Section One Digital Images (27 entries)

  • 1st – “Concentric Circles” by Emma Burrell – 20 marks

  • 1st – “Macrocheraia Grandis and Cocoon” by Terry Godber – 20 marks

  • 2nd – “Wraiths” by Mike Kitchingman – 19 marks

  • 3rd – “Frosty Squirrel” by Mark Eve – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Grandma and Grandson” by Roger Turner – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Robin” by Patrick Linford – 18 marks

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

All PDI Section 1 Entries (click image for full size)

Section Two Digital Images (6 entries)

  • 1st – “Positive Space” by Nigel Harding – 20 marks

  • 2nd – “Zebra Crossing” by John Booth – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Reed All About It” by Daphne Hughes – 17 marks

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

All PDI Section 2 Entries (click image for full size)