Last Wednesday we held the biennial landscape competition, sponsored by Barbara Fleming, at the school, our second live outing since lockdown. As print handling is impracticable in current circumstances, the Committee has suspended all print competitions until further notice. Accordingly, our competitions are being confined to digital images.

As usual there was a great variety of excellent images, from landscapes to cityscapes and seascapes (although the rules dictated that these must contain a large proportion of land).

Our Judge for the evening was Micki Aston who has judged and given talks to us many times and is a seasoned CACC adjudicator. Micki held back 14 images saying “there are so many excellent ones it’s hard to choose” and finally broke it down into the following:

Overall, an enjoyable first live outing which we all hope will continue next season.

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NB: Members can watch the competition in full on the ‘Members Only’ section of the website.

Biennial Landscape Competition (37 entries)

  • 1st place – “RECULVER TOWERS” by Tim Gould

  • 2nd place – “WEATHERED” by Paul Needham

  • 3rd place – “ON THE EDGE” by Chris Warby

  • Highly Commended – “WHITE SANDS OF BARRA” by Barbara Fleming

  • Highly Commended – “HUTS” by Mike Kitchingman

  • Highly Commended – “BUTTERMERE IN THE RAIN” by Rob Delahunty

  • Highly Commended – “RAMSHAW OLE GRUMPY OVERLOOKING RUDYARD” by Terry Godber

  • Highly Commended – “CAMPBELL PARK INFRARED” by Mike Kitchingman

  • Highly Commended – “FOREST IN THE MIST” by Rob Delahunty

  • Highly Commended – “NAMIB DESERT” by Chris Warby

  • Commended – “SUNSET AND REFLECTION” by Val Bolam

  • Commended – “LANDFALL” by David Manning

  • Commended – “STRONACHLACHAR” by Tricia Meers

  • Commended – “MISTY MORNING” by Paul Dimitriou

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

All Biennial Landscape Entries (click image for full size)