The fourth internal club competition of the 2018-19 season took place on Wednesday 23rd January.

This was a “themed” competition for both prints and projected digital images (PDIs).  As usual, the entries displayed a wide variety of subjects, approaches and styles.

The fourth internal club competition of the 2018-19 season took place on Wednesday 23 January.  The set subject, for both prints and projected digital images (PDIs), was “Shadows” to which the programme notes added – “This competition covers any subject where shadow is the main factor, it could be portraiture, with the subject shaded in soft light or maybe something using harsh sunlight or artificial light where strong shadows are cast.  Or night scenes with details bathed in shadow. In short, anything that employs shadows to create or enhance a mood or feeling.  Colour or monochrome.”

The competition was judged by John Credland ARPS from Buckingham (and member of Buckingham CC) who has been taking pictures since 1956; seriously since 1980 and professionally since 1998.  He entertained us with his usual humorous but incisive commentary as he examined the images.

The entries displayed a good variety of subjects, approaches and styles – covering landscape (especially woodland), candid/street, table top, seashores, travel, colour and monochrome, and much more.  However, John took a strict line on the interpretation of the set subject, often asking “how much of this picture is shadow”?  Images which he considered did not meet the brief were marked down.

Each entry was marked out of twenty.  Marks for this competition count towards the season’s Print Championship (Sections One and Two) and the Digital Image Championship (Sections One and Two) – see the Internal competitions, Rules for entry page on the website for details CLICK HERE.

All scores and rankings for the Club League Competitions can be viewed on the season’s results page SEE HERE

If you didn’t know, you can post your comments at the bottom of the page. Engage with other Members and share your thoughts on the entries and judging. 

Unfortunately, there were no Section Two Prints entries. The top performers were as follows:

Section One Prints (10 entries)

  • 1st – “The Groyne” by Carol Curd – 20 marks

  • 1st – “Bowled Over By Shadows” by David Marlow – 20 marks

  • 2nd – “The Dark Side” by Tricia Meers – 19 marks

  • 2nd – “Lest We Forget” by Carol Curd – 19 marks

  • 3rd – “Strut” by Mike Kitchingman – 18 marks

All Print Entries (click image for full size)

Section One PDIs (33 entries)

  • 1st – “Shadows Passing By” by Paul Needham – 20 marks

  • 1st – “The Rook” by Paul Dimitriou – 20 marks

  • 1st – “With These Rings” by Graham Meers – 20 marks

  • 1st – “Locked Out” by Malcolm Wright – 20 marks

  • 2nd – “In Search Of Lunch” by Martin Wood – 19 marks

  • 2nd – “Roman Artefacts” by Steve Knight – 19 marks

  • 2nd – “Lamp Post Shadow” by Stuart Brook – 19 marks

  • 3rd – “Ooh ..That’s Cold” by Martin Wood – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Out Of The Blue” by Paul Dimitriou – 18 marks

  • 3rd – “Candlesticks” by Steve Knight – 18 marks

All PDI S1 Entries (click image for full size)

Section Two PDIs (11 entries)

  • 1st – “Fork” by Wendy Taylor – 20 marks

  • 2nd – “Tree Shadow” by Malcolm Guy – 19 marks

  • 3rd – “Lines In The Sand” by KeithWeil – 17 marks

  • 3rd – “Odean At Pompeii” by Wendy Taylor – 17 marks

  • 3rd – “Cross” by Carol Saint – 17 marks

All PDI S2 Entries (click image for full size)