On Wednesday 23 November, we reviewed the results of our Autumn challenge.

The brief required us to produce a panel of between six and twelve images on the theme “Autumn”, with all the individual images to be submitted together with the final panel. There was no restriction on subject matter.

The purpose of the challenge was of course to get us out with our cameras taking new pictures.  As usual, we were given only a relatively short time to take, select and process our images, and get the panels (one per member) and other images in.

We were also required to produce a short “Statement of Intent” explaining the idea behind the panel.

16 panels were submitted and these were critically reviewed by two of our more experienced photographers – Carol Curd and David Manning.

The aim in producing a panel is that the total is greater than the sum of its parts – that is, the panel of images is stronger than the individual images.  Encouragingly, the panels submitted sought to achieve this aim in a wide range of creative approaches and styles.

The images in the panels included landscapes (some “intimate”), close ups, still lifes, composites, abstracts, and kaleidoscopes.  The subject matter encompassed trees, leaves, pumpkins and other gourds, fungi, Halloween, remembrance parades, and more.  And the panels had lots of different layouts, including “freestyle”.

After careful deliberation, Carol and David selected their three favourite panels.

  • “Autumnal Light” by Tricia Meers
  • “Autumn Impressions” by Tim Gould
  • “Dying Leaf Colours” by David Bolam

Their overall favourite was Tricia’s “Autumnal Light”.  But congratulations to all the authors for some super work.

This Autumn Challenge proved to be an engaging and stimulating exercise.  And a great learning opportunity as it all has obvious relevance for anyone wanting to create a panel – either for a Royal Photographic Society distinction or for our own Portfolio Competition next April.

Who knows what other Challenges lie in store for us?!

Tricia Meers

Tim Gould

David Bolam

Other Entries