On Wednesday 16 February, we reviewed the results of our second location challenge. The location was selected this time by Roger Turner – the winner of our inaugural challenge in November 2021. His chosen location was All Saints Church, Church Square, Leighton Buzzard.

The brief provided

“Images can be taken anywhere within the confines of the churchyard, including the church building, both inside and out.  Photographs may also be taken from outside the churchyard.  Notably, the church is visible from many different vantage points around the town, so plenty of opportunity for landscape images.

Wanting the challenge to allow as much freedom as possible, all types of images are acceptable, including daytime, night-time, colour, monochrome, texture, pattern, abstract, architectural, wide view and intimate landscape.

There is considerable interesting subject matter to be discovered in stonework carvings in the church, and on headstones and tombs in the churchyard.”

The purpose of the challenge was to get us out with our cameras to take new pictures.  The location was announced on 26 January and the deadline for submitting our three best images was 11 February.  We therefore had a relatively short time to visit the location, take, select and process our images, and get them in.

53 images were submitted.  And Kathy Chantler, Chairman of ImageZ Camera Club in Weston Turville, an experienced CACC judge and a regular visitor to the Club, kindly provided a critique of all the images.

Through her first pass, Kathy “held back” ten images for further consideration – ideally, she said, she would have held back all 53!  At the end of the evening, after some hesitation, she selected her five favourite images.

  • “Just Resting a While” by Sally Kitchingman
  • “Kings Heads” by Patrick Linford
  • “Gravestone Detail” by David Bolam
  • “Broken Angel” by Rob Delahunty
  • “Peephole” by Val Bolam

Congratulations to all five authors.  Great images!

In addition, Roger Turner selected the winning favourite image of the evening, with the author being rewarded with the enormous responsibility of selecting the location for our next Location Challenge.  And Roger’s winner was

  • “Armrests” by John Curd

Congratulations also to John.  A great bit of focus-stacking!

All Saints Church proved to be another excellent choice for a location challenge, with all sorts of interesting features to photograph both outside the church and within.  And this was naturally reflected in the images submitted which covered a wide variety of subjects, approaches, and styles – including plenty of monochromes and even a watercolour effect and infrared.  This was therefore a fascinating evening’s viewing.

So, what will John choose for Location Challenge #3?

Winning Image – Challengers Choice – Armrests

Top Five Selection

All Entries