On Wednesday 24 November, we transported ourselves to another place – figuratively speaking of course –for our latest “challenge”. The brief for the challenge was to photograph a set location during a specified period – any style, any processing, any time of day. Thus we would be stimulated to get out and about with our cameras taking new pictures, rather than raiding our archives. The location was announced on 3 November and the deadline for submitting our three best images was 19 November. So we had a relatively short period to visit the location, select and process our images, and get them in.

The location, chosen by David Bolam, was Milton Keynes Outdoor Market.

51 images were submitted.  And Alan Taberer of ImageZ Camera Club in Weston Turville, a CACC judge and a regular visitor to the Club, kindly provided a critique of all the images.  He said he was looking for pictures that conveyed what markets are all about.

Through his first pass, Alan “held pack” twelve images for further consideration – acknowledging that there were also some cracking images not included.  At the end of the evening he selected, from those held back, his five favourite images.

  • “Let’s Get These Orders Out” by Wendy Taylor
  • “Looking Down” by Mike Kitchingman
  • “Luggage Guy” by Mike Kitchingman
  • “Enjoying What They Do” by Wendy Taylor
  • “Crabs” by Roger Turner

Congratulations to Wendy, Mike, and Roger.  Great images!

In addition, David Bolam selected his favourite image of the evening, with the author winning the precious responsibility of selecting the location for the next Location Challenge.  And David’s favourite was

  • “Gentleman With Orange Turban” by Roger Turner

Congratulations again to Roger.  A superb portrait!

Milton Keynes Outdoor Market was an excellent choice for our first go at this sort of challenge, with all sorts of interesting people and things to photograph.  And this was reflected in the images submitted which covered a wide variety of subjects, approaches, and styles.  This made for a fascinating evening’s viewing.

Now we all look forward to discovering Roger’s choice for Location Challenge #

NB: Members can watch the competition in full on the ‘Members Only’ section of the website.

Alan Taberer’s five favourite images

David Bolam’s favourite image

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