The annual, and prestigious, LBPC Portfolio Competition took place on Wednesday 22nd April 2020.

And the photographic fun continues on Zoom!

However, as print handling is impracticable in current circumstances, the competition this year was restricted to digital images.

This year our independent judge for the competition was Kathy Chantler ARPS.  She is a very experienced photographer and Chairman of ImageZ Camera Club in Weston Turville.  She has visited us on numerous occasions as a judge, a speaker and a guest.

Entries have to consist of three to five pictures to be judged as a panel.  For digital images this means combining the pictures (sized and positioned as required) into a single projectable image.  This is an “open” competition, with no set subject, but the pictures must show some link – such as a common colour, subject or shape – identifiable by the judge.  Full details of the entry requirements can be found on the Internal Competitions, Rules for Entry page of the website, under the Portfolio Competition tab.

There were 38 entries for this competition (more than last year’s prints and DIs combined).  The portfolios covered images of all sorts of subjects and styles (including still life, abstract, creative, landscapes, travel, portrait, street/candid, flowers, various forms of wildlife, and both colour and black and white).  And the groups of digital images were presented in many different arrangements.

The judge was certainly impressed with the high standard achieved and found the leading entries difficult to separate.

Ultimately, the results were:

  • 1st place – “Marques of the Fifties” by David Manning;
  • 2nd place – “Eggstavaganza” by Sally Kitchingman;
  • 3rd place – “Behind the Greenhouse” by Tim Gould;
  • Highly Commended – “Aged” by Jon Cruise;
  • Highly Commended – “Butterflies” by Patrick Linford;
  • Highly Commended – “Children of Madagascar” by Chris Warby;
  • Commended – “Flamingo Answer to the S Curve” by Wendy Taylor;
  • Commended – “The Lemur” by Patrick Linford.

Congratulations to David for winning the Digital Image Portfolio Trophy!

PDI Portfolio’s (38 entries)

There were 38 entries for the digital images part of the competition.  The results were:

  • 1st Place – “Marques of the Fifties” by David Manning

  • 2nd Place – “Eggstavaganza” by Sally Kitchingman

  • 3rd Place – “Behind the Greenhouse” by Tim Gould

  • Highly Commended – “Aged” by Jon Cruise

  • Highly Commended – “Butterflies” by Patrick Linford

  • Highly Commended – “Children of Madagascar” by Chris Warby

  • Commended – “Flamingo Answer to the S Curve” by Wendy Taylor

  • Commended – “The Lemur” by Patrick Linford

  • Commended – “Tri Cycle” by Paul Dimitriou

All PDI Portfolio Entries (click image for full size)