The UK judging of the eleventh Two Hemispheres competition took place on 13th November.

The UK judge for the 2019 Two Hemispheres competition was Jonathan Vaines LRPS CPAGB AFAIP. Jonathan is an experienced photographer and judge who has judged and critiqued at LBPC on several occasions. He is President of the Cambridge Camera Club and a regional organiser for the RPS.


Each entry was marked out of twenty.  The top performers of the UK judging are presented below:

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UK Judging (top LBPC images)

  • 1st – “Harley” by Lissette Tingay

  • 2nd – “Now For The Hard Part” by Roger Clarke

  • 3rd – “Feeling Blue” by Martin Wood

  • 3rd – “Harvest Mouse” by Barbara Fleming

  • 3rd – “No Water Anywhere” by Chris Warby

  • 3rd – “St Mark’s Tower Through Yellow Columns” by David Bolam

  • 3rd – “Yellow Fin Shark Infested Custard” by Pam Cruise

UK Top Scoring LBPC Entries (click image for full size)

UK Judging (top CCC images)

  • 1st – “Catch” by Peter Brodbeck

  • 1st – “Lifeless” by Ken Spence

  • 2nd – “Balnarring Sunrise” by Penne Ebbage

  • 2nd – “How Time Flies” by Susi Nodding

  • 2nd – “Overshadowed” by Mark Lourensz

  • 3rd – “At 70″ by Jim Love

  • 3rd – “Doors” by Fiona Anderson

  • 3rd – “Griffith Island” by Pam Morris

  • 3rd – “Party Me” by David Bignell

  • 3rd – “Self Portrait For Dummies” by Peter Brodbeck

  • 3rd – “Spinefex Sparklers” by Sue Barrell

  • 3rd – “The Godfather” by Colin Morris

  • 3rd – “The Incense Is Ready” by Kevin Barell

UK Top Scoring CCC Entries (click image for full size)

Judges Comments and Scores