Last Wednesday (30 October 2019) LBPC hosted ImageZ CC, Ealing & Hampshire House PS and Hemel Hempstead PS in the 1st Round of the annual CACC (Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs) Rosebowl Competition.

The Rosebowl Competition is a Projected Digital Images competition between the CACC clubs.  31 clubs are participating this year.  It consists of a series of three “rounds”, run from October to February, in which random groups of three or four clubs are matched against each other.

For each match, each club submits 15 images.  The images are marked out of 20 and, after all the images have been marked, points are allocated to each of the clubs according to their order by marks awarded – 5, 3, 2, and 1 points for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place respectively.

The twelve CACC clubs with the most points after all three rounds then contest the Final.  LBPC has reached the Final in the last two seasons and was runner up in 2017-18.

For LBPC the 2nd Round of the Rosebowl will take place on Wednesday 8 January 2020 (hosted by Field End PS) and the 3rd Round on Thursday 6 February 2020 (hosted by Abingdon CC).  The Final will take place on the CACC Rosebowl Day in April 2020.

The judge for this 1st Round event was Colin Southgate FRPS DPGAB from Harpenden, an experienced professional photographer and veteran CACC judge.

After Colin had carefully considered and marked all the images, the marks were tallied and the results were as follows:


  • 1st – ImageZ CC with 277 marks – 5 points

  • 2nd – Leighton Buzzard PC with 265 marks – 3 points

  • 3rd – Ealing & Hampshire House PS with 264 marks – 2 points

  • 4th – Hemel Hempstead PS with 256 marks – 1 point

Top Scoring Images

  • “Man of Power” by Steve Beckett (ImageZ CC) – 20 marks plus a star

  • “Hidden Conversation” by John Timbrell (ImageZ CC) – 20 marks plus a star

  • “Impala Fight” – by Nigel Harding (Leighton Buzzard PC) – 20 marks

  • “Alighting Little Egret” – by Terry Godber (Leighton Buzzard PC) – 20 marks

  • “Deep in Thought” – by Lynette Macnicol (Leighton Buzzard PC) – 20 marks

Top scoring images

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