The annual, and prestigious, LBPC Portfolio Competition took place on Wednesday 17 April 2019.

Entries for this competition consist of three to five prints or digital images to be judged as a panel.  This is an open subject competition, in colour or monochrome (monochrome meaning the image is developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one colour).  But the images must show some link – such as a common colour, subject or shape – identifiable by the judge.

This year the competition was judged by Steven Galvin LRPS, a member of Marlow Camera Club.  (Steven has previously visited LBPC to give talks on “My LRPS Journey” and “How to Cheat at Photography”).

This annual competition is for portfolios of 3-5 Prints or Digital Images, to be judged as a panel. There are NO Section 1 or Section 2 categories in this competition. All members compete equally against each other. Judging for the Portfolio Competition does not award individual scores to images. Instead the top images are awarded First, Second, Third, Highly Commended and commended.

The portfolios included images of all manner of subjects and styles (including landscapes, architecture, urban exploration, travel, street/candid, abstract, bubbles, flowers, lions, tigers, birds and snakes, various forms of transport, and both colour and black and white).  And the groups of digital images were presented in some very imaginative arrangements.

Print Portfolio’s (7 entries)

There were seven entries for the prints part of the competition.  The results were:

  • 1st Place – “Corporate Glass” by Tim Gould

  • 2nd Place – “Art Appreciation” by Tricia Meers

  • 3rd Place – “Glorious Gloucester Gladiator Revisited” by David Marlow

  • Highly Commended – “Icelandic Waterfalls” by Tim Gould

All Print Portfolio Entries (click image for full size)

PDI Portfolio’s (23 entries)

There were 23 entries for the digital images part of the competition.  The results were:

  • 1st Place – “Pure as Lilies” by Patrick Linford

  • 2nd Place – “Spoils to the Victor” by Terry Godber

  • 3rd Place – “Picatsso” by Martin Wood

  • Highly Commended – “Forest Floor” by Paul Dimitriou

  • Highly Commended – “Grabbing Lunch” by Mick Brown

  • Highly Commended – “A Morning in Langdales” by Anton Mayo

  • Commended – “Bubble Worlds” by Paul Needham

  • Commended – “Graphical Studies” by Patrick Linford

  • Commended – “Tri Cycle” by Paul Dimitriou

All PDI Portfolio Entries (click image for full size)