The UK judging of the tenth Two Hemispheres competition took place on Wednesday 14 November.

The UK judge for the 2018 Two Hemispheres competition was Colin Southgate FRPS from Barton-le-Clay. Colin is a member of Harpenden Photographic Society and is a regular visitor to LBPC. Having been involved in photography for over 40 years, Colin is very experienced Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs judge. He confesses to a fondness for monochrome.

The Australia judging is expected to take place later in November.

Each entry was marked out of twenty.  The top performers of the LBPC judging are presented below:

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UK Judging (top LBPC images)

  • 1st – “Blue Lady” by Roger Gage – 20 marks

  • 1st – “Danger at Midnight” by Bernie Raffe

  • 1st – “Antelope Canyon” by Steve Knight

  • 1st – “Bengal Tiger” by Terry Godber

  • 1st – “Go.. get ’em!” by Martin Wood

  • 1st – “Piggy Back” by Malcolm Guy

  • 2nd – “Abandoned to the Sea” by Tim Gould

  • 2nd – “Clocking Off Time” by Graham Meers

  • 2nd – “Dewy Damsel” by John Curd

  • 2nd – “Drying Waterhole” by Chris Warby

  • 2nd – “Here’s Looking At You” by Carol Curd

  • 2nd – “Porth Nanven” by Keith Weil

  • 2nd – “Saddle Tor” by Paul Needham

  • 2nd – “St Helens Lundy” by Hilary Clarke

  • 3rd – “Aperitif Before Lunch” by Roger Turner

  • 3rd – “Beach Huts” by Paul Dimitriou

  • 3rd – “Escalator” by Nigel Harding

  • 3rd – “Kelpies” by Phil Pope

  • 3rd – “Roofers Nightmare” by Roger Clarke

UK Top Scoring LBPC Entries (click image for full size)

UK Judging (top CCC images)

  • 1st – “Moorudalur Iceland” by Elizabeth Waite

  • 1st – “Novices Playing” by Peter Smyth

  • 2nd – “White Men Can’t” by Marion Phillips

  • 2nd – “Saxophone” by Peter Brodbeck

  • 2nd – “The Surgeon” by Jim Love

  • 2nd – “Lighting the Way” by Peter Smyth

  • 3rd – “Milk Splash” by Peter Erlanger

  • 3rd – “Fire in the Hills” by Elizabeth Waite

  • 3rd – “Science Blossom” by Duane Harris

  • 3rd – “Isaac” by Penny Viney

  • 3rd – ” Izzy and Will” by Gaynor Robson

  • 3rd – “Lily Pad” by Colin Morris

  • 3rd – “The Skier” by Graz Tinney

  • 3rd – “Luke” by Alli Harper

  • 3rd – “Is There Anybody Out There” by Michael Persin

  • 3rd – “Little Bourke St” by Mark Lourensz

  • 3rd – “Nestled” by Maggie Tan

  • 3rd – “Tough Mudders” by Sue Welsh

  • 3rd – “Educating a New Nation”by Ken Spence

  • 3rd – “Je Suis Rohingya” by Wolf Marx

UK Top Scoring CCC Entries (click image for full size)

Judges Comments and Scores