“I would like to say how impressed I was with the images in the Landscape Cup last night. Some excellent work. Landscape [Photography] is not easy so – Well done everyone who took part in the evening.” – Barbara Fleming

“One thing I would say about the competition last night, and I meant to mention it at the meeting, but there was a very obvious improvement in the quality of the images last night. If I remember rightly I think I judged the first instance of this competition when it was introduced a few years back and the level of improvement was very evident.” – Colin Mill

Last Wednesday evening (16 May 2018) members contested the Landscape Trophy.  This is a biennial competition, sponsored by Barbara Fleming, to encourage more landscape work.  It alternates with our other biennial competition, the Howard Morris Memorial Trophy for monochrome prints.

The Landscape Trophy is open to all club members (with no sections) who may submit up to two entries as either prints or digital images which have not previously been entered in any club “league” competition.  The subject matter is of course “landscape”.  To this, the club programme adds “A picture representing an area of countryside.  Could be mountains, trees, valleys, lakes, as long as it depicts a landscape as opposed to a detail shot.  For the purposes of our competition seascapes are included but must include an area of land within the picture, for example, cliffs, foreground, etc.  Monochrome or Colour.”

This year the competition was again judged by Colin Mill of New City Photographic Society (Milton Keynes).  Colin is a familiar figure at LBPC, having judged for us on a number of occasions, and an expert landscape photographer.  He was required to select first, second and third place entries for both prints and digital Images, and the overall winner from the first placed print and digital image.

Subsequently, after looking again at the top print and the top digital image, Colin determined that the overall winner of the Landscape Trophy was:

“Saddle Tor” by Paul Needham

16 Prints were entered for the competition.  The Print results were:

  • 1st place – “The Armed Knight” by Clive Rayment;
  • 2nd place – “A View Through the Woods” by Moira Hunter;
  • 3rd place – “Marginal Land” by Paul Measor;
  • Commended – “Cornwall Lighthouse” by Clive Rayment.

All Print Entries (click image for full size)

30 Digital images were entered for the competition.  The PDI images results were:

  • 1st place – “Saddle Tor” by Paul Needham;
  • 2nd place – “Llanberris Towards Snowdonia” by Terry Godber;
  • 3rd place – “Milford Sound” – by Chris Warby;
  • Commended – “Loch Morlich” by Carol Curd;
  • Commended – “The Day Ends” by Martin Wood.

All PDI Entries (click image for full size)


MARGINAL LAND by Paul Measor


MILFORD SOUND by Chris Warby

LOCH MORLICH by Carol Curd

THE DAY ENDS by Martin Wood