The UK judging of the sixth Two Hemispheres competition.

The UK judge for the 2014 Two Hemispheres competition was Colin Mill, a very experienced landscape photographer and member of New City Photographic Society in Milton Keynes. Colin has visited LBPC on a number of occasions.

There appear to be a handful of images missing this year in that neither club shows a full complement of 30. At least the spreadsheet of judges’ comments matches, though.

Each entry was marked out of twenty.  The top performers of the UK judging are presented below:

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UK Judging (top LBPC images)

  • 1st – “ORASAY, ISLE OF LEWIS” by Andrew Turner

  • 1st – “FAST FOOD” by Paul Colella

  • 2nd – “ECUADORIAN LADY” by Nigel Harding

  • 2nd – “FAMILY PORTRAIT” by Tim Gould

  • 2nd – “LAKE EGIRDIR” by Martin Wood

  • 2nd – “TOO COLD TO PLAY” by Carole Procter

  • 3rd – “AMUR LEOPARD” by Roger Gage

  • 3rd – “AFTER A LONG DAY” by Malcolm Wright

  • 3rd – “ARGENTINE TANGO” by Barbara Fleming

  • 3rd – “PROTECTING” by Chris Warby

  • 3rd – “STRICTLY FOR THE BIRDS” By Mike Kitchingman

UK Top Scoring LBPC Entries (click image for full size)

UK Judging (top CCC images)

  • 1st – “BOKEH ESCAPE” by Brian Sheldon

  • 1st – “FADING POWER LINES” by Jim Love

  • 1st – “SECOND CHILDHOOD” by Brian Sheldon

  • 2nd – “KANGAROO AND GRASS TREES” by Gaynor Robson

  • 2nd – “NORWEGIAN BOAT HOUSE” by Phillip Hankin jpg

  • 2nd – “PAMAMAROO LAKE” by Sue Welsh

  • 2nd – “QUEENS BRIDGE” by Ken Spence

  • 2nd – “RAILWAY MAN” by Wolf Marx

  • 2nd – “STRIKE A POSE” by Ken Spence

  • 2nd – “THE SOUTHERN TIP” by Evan Thomas

  • 2nd – “UNDER THE STAIRS” by John Davis

  • 3rd – “SWANS” by Chris Roberts

  • 3rd – “THE INVISIBLE SPIDER MAN” by Angela Booth

UK Top Scoring CCC Entries (click image for full size)

Judges Comments and Scores