The UK judging of the fifth Two Hemispheres competition.

The UK judge for the 2013 Two Hemispheres competition was Peter Jackman. As well as being a long standing judge on the CACC circuit, Peter was a member of Princes Risborough Photographic Society where he served as Chairman from 2008 to 2010.

[In rewriting this post for the new website, I discovered that Peter sadly passed away in 2019.]

Each entry was marked out of twenty.  The top performers of the UK judging are presented below:

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UK Judging (top LBPC images)

  • 1st – “FROM VENICE WITH LOVE” by Tony Cashen

  • 1st – “LOCH CILL CHRIOSD” by Dave Cromack

  • 1st – “RED KITE” by Paul Colella

  • 2nd – “ANGELIKA AT PICCADILLY CIRCUS” by Richard Darnell

  • 2nd – “CAUSEWAY” by Tim Gould

  • 2nd – “DANCE” by Karen Standy

  • 2nd – “FAST FOOD” by Paul Colella

  • 2nd – “LOOKING FOR LUNCH” by Allan Brinkworth

  • 2nd – “ST PAULS CATHEDRAL” by Barbara Fleming

  • 3rd – “BREAKFAST” by Paul Searle

  • 3rd – “DUIKER ISLAND” by Andrew Turner

  • 3rd – “GOTHIC” by Michael Kitchingman

  • 3rd – “IS IT ART OR IS IT UTTER TOSH” by Bernie Raffe

  • 3rd – “SOUL MAN” by Roger Clarke

  • 3rd – “SPACENEEDLE” by Patrick Linford

  • 3rd – “STACKED TABLES” by Malcolm Wright

  • 3rd – “TWO LITTLE DUCKS” by Clive Rayment

  • 3rd – “UP THE STAIRS” by Philip Hale

UK Top Scoring LBPC Entries (click image for full size)

UK Judging (top CCC images)

  • 1st – “AGE & RESPECT” by Dave Duncan

  • 1st – “BALLOONS” by Dave Duncan

  • 1st – “MORNINGTON ROSES” by Sue Welsh

  • 2nd – “BOOTS” by Rebecca Nicolandos

  • 2nd – “PAUL PASZTALENIECS OFFICE” by Barney Meyer

  • 2nd – “THE PARADE” by Ken Spence

  • 3rd – “HANG GLIDER” by Don Weston

  • 3rd – “PLUMAGE TO MATCH” by Jim Love

  • 3rd – “TAJ AT DAWN” by Dennis Hill

  • 3rd – “WINTER’S DREAMING” by Phil Hankin

UK Top Scoring CCC Entries (click image for full size)

Very regrettably, two images from CCC that scored 20 are missing. Both were by Dave Duncan, to whom we apologize

Judges Comments and Scores