This second Colour Challenge, again devised by Carol Curd and Tricia Meers, was designed as a continuation of the first challenge (see [Link to Article on Colour Challenge #1]) to further explore the way different colours may interact in images. And the resulting images were reviewed on 23 March.

Using the RYB (Red, Yellow, Blue) colour wheel, first described by Sir Isaac Newton in 1666, we were asked to produce images featuring “analogous” colours.

These are groups of three colours – such as Yellow, Orange Yellow, and Orange – that are adjacent on the colour wheel.  Such combinations are regarded as particularly harmonious.

Everyone was invited to submit up to three images which could be created in camera or through post-processing.  Creative techniques were encouraged.

Our efforts were critiqued by Carol and Tricia.  Each author was then offered the opportunity to talk about their image and how they had found or produced the relevant colours.  And members were invited to vote for images they liked.

Rather than being a competition, this colour challenge was a learning exercise.  It was designed to get us exploring new techniques and ideas, using the RYB colour wheel as a convenient way of visualising relationships between colours.

Nevertheless, at the end of the evening, Carol and Tricia selected their five favourite images.  And the votes of the assembled company were tallied to identify their five favourites.

Carol and Tricia’s favourite images were

  • “Archway in the Ashmolean” by Sally Kitchingman
  • “Orange Lemon and Lime” by Patrick Linford
  • “Windows” by Paul Dimitriou
  • “Purple Flower” by Roger Turner
  • “Beach Huts” by Tim Gould

And the member’s favourites were

  • “Archway in the Ashmolean” by Sally Kitchingman
  • “Shades of Yellow” by Rob Delahunty
  • “Windows” by Paul Dimitriou
  • “Perfect Pencils” by Chris Warby
  • “Beach Huts” by Tim Gould

So three authors appeared in both groups – Sally Kitchingman, Paul Dimitriou, and Tim Gould.

Congratulations to Sally, Paul, and Tim.  All great images!

And, for the rest of us, it was another really interesting and entertaining evening.

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