Leighton Buzzard Photographic Club Annual General Meeting 2019

Held on Wednesday 19 June 2019.

Full minutes will be made available in due course. In the meantime, here are “the news headlines”.

Election of Officers

The following club Officers were elected:

  • Chairman – Mike Kitchingman;
  • Vice Chairman – Dave Gillow;
  • Treasurer – Graham Meers;
  • Vice Treasurer – Sally Kitchingman;
  • Secretary – Sue Brinkworth;
  • Programme Secretary – Mike Kitchingman.

Election of Committee

The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Vice Treasurer and Secretary all serve on the Club Committee ex officio.  Additional club members were elected and the membership of the Club Committee is as follows:

  • Mike Kitchingman;
  • Graham Meers;
  • Sue Brinkworth;
  • Tim Gould;
  • Geoff Hawkins;
  • Paul Needham;
  • Paul Searle;
  • Wendy Taylor;
  • Sally Kitchingman;
  • Dave Gillow.

Appointment of Voluntary Positions

The following members were appointed to Voluntary Positions:

  • Print Co-ordinator – Graham Meers;
  • Deputy Print Co-ordinator – Vacant;
  • Print Handler – Vacant;
  • External Print Competitions Co-ordinator – Graham Meers;
  • External Competitions Assistant – Vacant;
  • External PDI Competitions Co-ordinator – Paul Needham;
  • External PDI Competitions Assistant – Wendy Taylor;
  • Rosebowl PDI Competitions Co-ordinator – Mike Kitchingman;
  • Rosebowl PDI Competitions Assistant – Sally Kitchingman;
  • Projectionist and PDI Co-ordinator – Geoff Hawkins and Paul Needham;
  • Website Manager – Paul Needham;
  • Website Assistants – Geoff Hawkins and Tim Gould;
  • Website Technical Administrator – John Terry;
  • Facebook Administrators – Tim Gould and Martin Wood;
  • Club Reporter – Patrick Linford;
  • Public Relations & Marketing (a new position) – David Marlow;
  • Weekly Refreshments Organiser – Vacant (and if no volunteer steps forward, there will be no tea/coffee refreshments served next season);
  • Social Events Organisers – Hilary Clarke and Roger Clarke.

Subscription etc

Annual subscriptions will remain unchanged next season.

  • Annual Subscription Standard                  £60 Full Season (£35 Half Season);
  • Annual Subscription Concession              £50 Full Season (£30 Half Season);
  • Annual Subscription Family                       £100 Full Season (£55 Half Season);

The weekly entry fee will also remain unchanged at £3 (with £1 continuing to go into the ring-fenced “equipment fund” to build up the necessary reserves to purchase a new projector and laptop in 2-3 years’ time).

To reduce club costs, it was agreed that next season there will be no professional entertainer at the Christmas party and the club will no longer pay for the fish and chips at the summer social.

Programme 2019-20

Details of next season’s programme of meetings can be found in the Programme on the club website.  [CLICK HERE for the Club Programme]  The first meeting will be on Wednesday 4 September 2019.  As usual, this will be a “Welcome Back” meeting when we look forward to welcoming old and new members and reviewing the coming season’s Programme.  It will also be an opportunity to see some of the pictures members have taken over the summer break.

The first internal competition of the new season will be on Wednesday 19 September 2018 and will, as usual, be an Open competition.

Internal Competitions

The club will continue to run the two league-style competitions – Print and Digital Image Championships – with two “sections” in each (Section One for advanced photographers and Section Two for beginners and improvers).  As usual, there will be six competition evenings in the season, three of which will be Open and three of which will have set subjects.

For the 2018-2019 season, the set subjects are Yellow, People, and Geometric.  (Dates for the competitions, and definitions of the set subjects, can now be found on the club website at  Internal Competitions Summary & Dates

For the 2019-2020 season, the set subjects will be Pairs, Reflections, and Cities at Night.

And the club will continue to run the other customary internal competitions – the Print and Digital Image Portfolio Competitions, the Landscape Cup, and the Print and Digital Image of the Season Competitions.

In addition, the Mobile Photo Challenge will be returning, the old “Chairman’s Choice” Trophy will be revived, and there will also be some ad hoc informal competitions.

Rules for the club competitions and other competition information are set out on the club website at the following links.

External Competitions

The club and/or members will also be able to enter a variety of external digital image and print competitions, including the CACC Rosebowl, the Bedfordshire Invitational Inter Club Competition, the Two Hemispheres Challenge Competition, and the Jubilee Trophy.