On Wednesday 22nd May 2019 LBPC hosted the Jubilee Trophy Projected Digital Images Competition.

by David Marlow


This competition is one of three organised jointly by LBPC and New City Photographic Society for individuals to enter.  Being at the northern end of the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs, LBPC and NCPS have opened these competitions to other clubs at the extremities of the adjoining Federations (East Anglia Federation and Midland Counties Photographic Federation).  The aim is to promote a wider experience for club members than is offered by internal competitions, but maintaining a local camaraderie that would be lost in the national competitions and salons.

The three competitions cover Prints, Projected Digital Images and Audio-Visuals and (rotating the medium) two competition nights are held each season.  The winner of each competition holds the Jubilee Trophy until the next competition (about 4-8 months).

Our judge for this competition was Damon Guy, CACC Committee member as well as leading the CACC Judging Team. Damon has been a keen photographer all his life and believes that photography is all about having fun and getting great images.  He is a photographer, writer, webmaster, website developer and teacher.  He runs and edits Photokonnexion, a website that aims to help photographers of all abilities learn about making images and have fun.  He is also a member of Marlow Camera Club.

Some 30 members and 10 visitors from neighbouring competing clubs attended the Jubilee PDI Competition at LBPC. Our judge, Damon Guy skilfully engaged with the 89 PDI images as the host team projectionists manfully fought with their tools of the trade to provide an evening of stunning photographs from the competing clubs:

  • Leighton Buzzard Photographic Club (LBPC)
  • New City Photographic Society (NCPS)
  • Ampthill & District Camera Club (ADCC)
  • Buckingham Camera Club (BUCC)
  • Kempston Camera Club (KCC)
  • Olney Camera Club (OCC)
  • Shillington & District Camera Club (SDCC)
  • Towcester Camera Club (TCC)
  • Imagez (IMZ

Some of the phrases used by Damon were interesting and instructive so I [David Marlow] have listed some here;

  • The image was engaging, characterful.
  • Pleased to see the structure
  • Pastel works, holds together well
  • Background too dark and overpowering.
  • Environmental Action shot. Over vignetted.
  • Foreground out of focus.
  • Impressive; grabs attention. Missing cat?
  • Good behaviour; black blob in the background; powerful reds.
  • Vertical energy, depth of field good. Not a strong image.
  • Perspective gives scope. Umbrella breaks the pattern.
  • Very little to go on. Good colours. No story.
  • Consistent composition but flat light.
  • Limited throughout.
  • Bright and verdant. Foreground distracting.
  • Good crop and reflections.
  • Action packed. Nice to see real action. Foreground very strong.
  • (I could go on ….)

Scoring ranged from 15 points to nineteen images being ‘held back’. Damon then had the unenviable task of sorting out who should have the 19 & 20 points. Unenviable because the standard was very high and made for some difficult choices.

The winning group of ’20 pointers’ was, frankly, stunning! But then, like beauty, stunning is in the eye of the beholder and as ever shows that the judging process although supposedly objective, is only ever subjective in the final pick. And so it was for this competition. Any number of the winning scores could have been chosen for the trophy. However, Damon’s choice was, in my inexpert view, brilliant & the pun is intended!

If you didn’t know, you can post your comments at the bottom of the page. Engage with other Members and share your thoughts on the entries and judging. 

Results (89 entries)

  • 1st Place – “LONE TREE” by Anne Gray (TCC)

  • 2nd Place – “OSPREY WITH CATCH” by Neil Schofield (NCPS)

  • 3rd Place – “GARLIC MAYO” by Tom Knowles (BUCC)

Video Of The Competition Judging

For this event, we experimented with videoing the competition. Taken on a mobile phone to the side of the projector, so apologies for the slight Keystone trapezoidal effect. However, it provides a great reference to hear Damons remarks and comments.  Part 1 covers until tea break and Part 2 after the tea break.

Part 1

Part 2

All Entries (click image for full size)