To start the new photographic season with a flourish, we were delighted on Wednesday 2 September to welcome back multi-award winning wildlife photographer Tracey Lund. (Just FMPA FBIPP ARPS ASINWP ANPS CPAGB AFIAP QPSA BPE*1 CrGP!) She Zoomed in from Hull again to share more of her experiences travelling the world to photograph all sort of animals and birds.

More of Tracey’s wonderful images can be found at

Once more Tracey took us around the world.  We started in the USA, on Kodiak Island in Alaska, with grizzly bears and their cubs enjoying the fruits of the salmon run.  Then, still in the USA, we moved on to Yellowstone, Wyoming (in the winter), for bison, elk, coyotes, wolves, and a cute ermine.

After that it was north again to Canada, around Vancouver Island, for orca and humpback whales, bears and sea otters, and around Bella Coolla for more bears.

Then we were off to some warmer climes.  First to India, in the National Parks of Ranthambore and Bandhavgarh, for magnificent tigers (the main purpose of the trip), squirrels, mongooses, monkeys, bears, and spotted deer, as well as a heron, spotted owl, red-wattled lapwing, and parakeets.

Then to South Africa to Zimanga, a private game reserve three hours drive north of Durban, catering especially for wildlife photographers.  Here we were entertained by lions, cheetahs, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, hyenas, warthogs, a puff adder, white-backed vulture, black-shouldered kite, falcons, eagles, sunbirds, pied kingfishers, yellow canaries, and many more birds.  Oh, and a crocodile.

Back in Britain, from hides in a variety of locations, we saw pine martins, little owls, ospreys, redstarts, dippers, kingfishers, a cuckoo, a sparrowhawk, and much more.

This presentation was another memorable evening of Tracey’s stunning wildlife images.  And all these marvellous photographs came with an engaging narrative of each wildlife experience as Tracey told the stories of the trips as well as “how I got the shot”.  Her top tip for aspiring wildlife photographers was to shoot at the animal’s eye level whenever possible.

As ever, Tracey’s passion for wildlife shone through this lavishly illustrated talk.  She regards watching the animals and birds as what it’s all about and the photography as a bonus.  As she puts it, “photographing wildlife is an adventure but most of all a privilege”.

More of Tracey’s wonderful images can be found at

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