Sizing Your Images

If you are new to image sizing, it can be daunting and confusing about what to do to size your images ready for competition.

The key concept to understand is that the competition size of 1400 px wide x 1050 px high is a crop ratio of 4:3 (that’s shorthand for every 4 pixels wide your image is, it will be 3 pixels high in landscape format. It’s reversed, 3:4 for portrait, or for every 3 pixels wide to will be 4 pixels high).

If you use a micro four-thirds camera such as the Olympus EM10, EM5 or EM1 then the camera sensor is 4:3, so your images straight out of the camera are already the right aspect ratio. For cameras with different sensor sizes and this is all new to you, consider cropping your images to the 4:3 format in your editor of choice. Then when you size them to 1400 px x 1050 px you will not have to deal with those confusing black bars.

As you get familiar with the concepts of aspect ratios, sizing, cropping and exporting as finished jpeg’s, you can start to experiment with more creative cropping.

Sizing Tips

Sizing Instructions For Common Editing Programmes