Here are the overall results of the Mobile Photography Challenge. A breakdown for each monthly round can be seen on the tabs below:

One the right you will find the league table for the 2018 / 2019 Season

There was a last minute surge in entries for the January round of the competition, with 10 entries in total.  Unfortunately, voting was a little lower than usual. However, this left a lot of points up for grabs enabling entrants to leapfrog up the league table. Val Bolam, Geoff Hawkins and Paul Needham are joined by Martin Wood and Roger Turner vying for position at the top of the leaderboard.

Hints & Tips

  1. Be consistent –  Enter each month
  2. Process your image – Use a mobile app to post-process your image. Straighten those horizons, creative cropping, punch up the contrast or add a filter.
  3. Some app suggestions:
    1. Lightroom CC for Mobile – available on Android or IOS, can be used without an Adobe subscription.
    2. Snapseed – is a free image editing app from Google and is the most popular editing app for Android and IOS. CLICK HERE for a beginners tutorial.
    3. Photoshop Express –  available on Android or IOS.

League Table

Position Author Total Points
1 Paul Needham 141 pts
2 Val Bolam 121 pts
3 Chris Warby 76 pts
4 Roger Turner 75 pts
5 Malcolm Guy 64 pts
6 Martin Wood 55 pts
7 David Marlow 52 pts
8 Geoff Hawkins 50 pts
9 Tricia Meers 48 pts
10 Laris Bucknor-Fisher 45 pts
11 Terry Godber 27 pts
12 Paul Searle 26 pts
13 Patrick Linfordr 18 pts
14 Wendy Taylor 16 pts
15 Graham Meers 12 pts
16 Andrew Glover 10 pts