This is an individual competition organised by New City Photographic Society and Leighton Buzzard Photographic Club

The Jubilee Trophy consists of three rotating competitions that cover Prints, Projected Digital Images and Audio-Visuals. Two of the three mediums are held each season. The winner of each competition holds the Jubilee Trophy until the next competition (about 4-8 months).

Being at the northern end of the Chilterns association of Camera Clubs, NCPS and LBPC want to open these competitions to other clubs in the extremities of the adjoining Federations (East Anglia Federation and Midland Counties Photographic Federation) to promote a wider experience for club members than is offered by internal competitions, but maintaining a local camaraderie that would be lost in the national competitions and salons.

Jubilee PDI Competition

The Jubilee Trophy Projected Digital Images Results

Jubilee Trophy Results (PDI) – May 2019

On Wednesday 22nd May 2019 LBPC hosted the Jubilee Trophy Projected Digital Images Competition. Our judge for this competition was Damon Guy, CACC Committee member as well as leading the CACC Judging Team. Some 30 members and 10 visitors from neighbouring competing clubs attended the Jubilee PDI Competition at LBPC.

Print – Results

The Jubilee Trophy Projected Print Images Results

Jubilee Audio Visual Competition

The Jubilee Trophy Projected Audio Visual Images Results

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Season 2018/19

  • TBA

Season 2017/18

  • AV     –   Nov 2017 @ NCPS
  • Print –  Mar 2018 @ LBPC


Entry forms and rules are made available to the participating clubs